After an overwhelming response to our Singapore Chapter of ‘SPICEROVER’, we  are now expanding, with the launch of our very own INDIA page. Just like Singapore, we wish to cover the gourmet journey of India, and we start the journey covering the restaurant scene in Mumbai – the financial capital of the country and it’s suburbs. 

Click our India Special Link above to embark upon a brand new Lifestyle Journey.

Our team is growing too…


DishaThe first things I tell people about me? I love to eat, I love to cook, I love to write, I love to read and I love teas.  And these are the things you’ll always find me talking about!

When it comes to eating out, I can best be described as an adventurous and excited eater. Though I am a big fan of cooking and eating Indian food, I am always in search of new cuisines and new tastes. I read a lot about different cuisines and love to eat out to satisfy my curiosity about how cultures across the world relish food in their own way.  At restaurants I eat as I like to cook – with a lot of joy and a search for creativity.

With my love for cooking and writing I also write my own food blog – Salt and Pepper (With a Lot of Spice)! At which has a lot of recipes seasoned with a dash of food memoirs, food creativity and fun and factual food articles.


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