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Top Bars and Restaurants to watch World Cup (2018) Football Matches in Singapore

PictureWith World Cup 2018 just around the corner, it is time to make plans… and plans cannot be made without knowing where to eat or drink! Let’s take a recce of what’s available around Singapore that might tempt you to spend an evening with friends and family enjoying an exciting football match.

Here’s a list of restaurants and bars that will stream the World Cup football matches live. Since the matches kick-off at different times, i.e. 6pm, 8pm, 11pm, 12am, 2am and yes there’s an annoying 3am kick-off as well, the tragedy is that most good matches are scheduled for a 2am kick-off. Which means that not all bars and restaurants may screen all the matches. So before you plan, please ensure the place is actually open that late in the night!

1 altitude


What compliments high emotions, high passion running during a match? Possibly a place to watch it high-up? That’s what you can expect at the roof top bar 1-Altitude, where all matches will be screened live, irrespective of their late kick-offs. 1-Altitude will place a cover charge of S$35 to S$40 (inclusive of 1 drink). It has been speculated that some special guests will be present for the specific matches like Argentina vs Iceland.

For more information, visit their Facebook page.



Don’t like the high, come for the view and enjoy the same excitement. The ever popular bar overlooking the Marina Bay Sands and the Singapore skyline, has gotten into the groove with World Cup Cocktails and World Cup Snacks to keep you company as you enjoy the games. The screening schedule has been detailed out on their website and yes, they have the late night kick-offs!

For more information, visit their website.



Paulaner at Clarke Quay attracts its clientele as much for its beer as its happening location in the heart of Clarke Quay. This world cup, Paulaner at Clarke Quay is not only screening the matches, but is running some interesting promotions and contests. At $38 per person, per match, you can enjoy free flow of select beers. Further more, a lucky draw per match will win 4 lucky winners a S$50 dinning voucher. Now that’s some promotion!

For more information, visit their Facebook page.



Those who are regulars at Picotin Express either frequent their Bukit Timah outlet for the beautiful view overlooking the golf course or choose the grace of yesteryear architecture at the East Coast. Come 14-Jun-18, and both the outlets will be geared up to host the World Cup 2018 matches. What’s more, throughout the World Cup, Picotin will run a promotion of 1 Pizza + 1 Bucket of Peroni OR Steinlager for just S$60. Picotin is looking to screen the late evening matches, however, you will require to call in ahead and reserve.

For more information on their late kick-off reservations, please visit their Facebook page or website.



With it’s relaxing and sports friendly ambiance, it is not surprising that Boomarang rates highly in list of preferred bistro to watch the World Cup. While their regular closing hours mean that they may not screen the late matches at Boat Quay outlet (jury is still out on that one), at the Robertson Quay outlet you can be sure to catch the 2am kick-offs. Their generous happy hour deal will continue throughout the World Cup from 5pm to 8pm (Monday to Friday).

For more information, visit their website.

Atrium Lounge


The stylish lounge at Marina Mandarin presents for a lively ambiance. Enjoy the World Cup with specially designed World Cup drinks like zesty Moscow Mule and fruity Mango Siberian Sunrise plus fries. Not a cocktails person, you can always find Heineken and crispy chicken wings for company. Packages which include snack and drink start as low as $22 per package.

For more information, visit their website.

Muddy Murphys


Located at Claymore Connect – Orchard Road, Muddy Murphy’s has been attracting sports enthusiasts all year round. So it’s no surprise that this is going to be a popular handout for watching World Cup matches. If the response they got for screening qualifying matches was any indication, you might need to grab your seats quite early. Muddy Murphy’s has published the schedule for matches they will be screening on their Facebook page. So stay tuned. What’s more, they also have some sponsored contests running.

For more information, visit their Facebook page.

Molly Malone's


Located at Bras Basah MRT, the pub has an amazing mix of sports screenings all year round. This is one place in town you can head to watch early and late kick-offs. They are even offering packages from as small as 4 to as large as 200 pax groups. All world cup matches will be shown, not just at their Molly Melone outlet, but also at Bull and Bear Bar (Pekin Street, Raffles Place) and BQ Bar (Boat Quay).

For more information, visit their Facebook page or website.



The popular bar at Millenia Walk has been running a pre-order promotion in anticipation of the World Cup. Along with match screenings, the bar is offering a special beer set of 5, half litre freshly brewed beers is available for just S$82.50 net. The voucher set has been on sale from 23-May, so if you are a Paulaner fan, hurry!

For more information, visit their Facebook page.

Harry's Boat Quay


Harry’s cannot be left behind when it comes to events like World Cup. Harry’s will be screening all their outlets across Singapore, however, not all matches will be screened at outlets. Their screening calendar has been updated on their website. Do check the schedule before you head to the nearest Harry’s lest you catch the wrong outlet!

For more information, visit their website.

Brewerkz 1


Unfortunately only one Brewerkz at Riverside Point will screen the World Cup. Apart from screening the late evening matches (their last reservation is for 1am) they have a World Cup lucky draw. Enter before 28 June and stand a chance to win 1 year supply of Brewerkz premium craft beer! What’s more, Play Brewerkz Soccer Bingo, be the first person who submits each match and get a free jug! Order for a jug of beer before the end of second half and enjoy $2 off every jug each time a goal is scored…

For more information, visit their Facebook page.

Don’t want to spend for watching all matches? Singapore has tons of legal and free screenings across the city. Check out our post on “Places in Singapore to Catch World Cup Football Matches for Free (well almost).”

New to football? Here’s a “Beginner’s Guide to World Cup 2018“. No idea what most Football jargons mean? Refer to our “Football Jargons made easy guide.”

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Happy Watching!




Beginner’s Guide to World Cup 2018 – Sound Interested, Sound Smart!

Fifa World Cup


With the World’s Greatest Single Sporting event, World Cup 2019, around the corner, the topic has become almost impossible to ignore. It is imperative to be prepared for arguments, bets, loads and loads of in-depth discussions and of course moody, happy or sad significant others, friends, family and colleagues (depending on who won the previous night).

So what do you do, if (a) you don’t understand the game and/or (b) don’t care for it? Groan, right? Some of us can choose to opt out of a month of all of exhilaration and hype! For rest, there can be a feeling of being left out. While it is impossible to quickly learn everything about the game, history and forecast without actual sorcery, it is possible, for those still interested, to participate in the excitement, without sounding clueless.

-§ Where is it being played: Let’s start with the basics. The 2018 edition of FIFA World Cup Football will be played in Russia between 14-Jun-18 and 15-Jul-18. About 2-3 matches will be played every day between 10am GMT and 6pm GMT. Click here for the complete schedule.
o A smart hack: For those in the East, the 6pm GMT kick-off is the toughest, so it is okay if you have missed the match because there’s work next morning… you can always start the day by saying… “I have to catch the highlights, do not discuss the match with me yet!”
o A smart hack: Don’t know what someone is talking about, just say, “I have decided to stay away from all speculations! Last time I jinxed most of my matches for Spain!” Spain, FYI, in 2014 were knocked out really early.

-§ Who is playing: To begin with, there are 32 teams participating in 2018 World Cup. Well you cannot go wrong with countries like Germany, Brazil, England, France, Portugal and Argentina. A few sore spots which quite a few fans haven’t been able to get over – the ouster of 2006 World Cup winners Italy, three-time finalist Holland and United States. For a complete list of who’s playing and who’s out, refer to the official FIFA world cup 2018 website here.
o A smart hack: If you want to get out of these conversations early, just saying, “With Italy/Holland making a mess of their qualifiers, I don’t care about the World Cup…!” Say this in a frustrated tone and no reason why someone won’t believe you.
o A smart hack: The smart hack about “jinxing” a game can work well here too!

-§ The Groups: The 32 teams are divided into 8 groups (Group A to H) of four teams each. Each team, to begin with, plays against other 3 teams within their group. Depending upon wins and points, the top two teams within each group qualify for the round of 16. From here on the knock-out games begin. Usually the runner-up from one group plays the winner of the other. Winners then proceed to quarterfinals, followed by semis and then the finals. As you can guess, the group draws then become all important. There has been a new system introduced for this world cup which decides which team goes into which group (It’s complicated and not necessary for now. But you can find out more here.). However, what you do need to know is, unlike previous years, there is no obvious “Group of Death” meaning, no two top teams are in the same team.
– The toughest group: Group B has Portugal and Spain in the same stack, with Morocco and Iran completing the group.
– The easiest group: Group A, giving a rather substandard Russia (the hosts) a fighting chance to reach the round of 16.
o A smart hack: A good group to watch other than Group B, would be Group F, the one with Germany who may have some interesting games with Mexico and Sweden in the same side…

-§ The Favourites: While personally I would like to say Germany (have been a follower of this team for 2 decades now), popular opinion gives Brazil a slight edge if the recent odds are considered. So the top teams pegged to aim for the Cup are Brazil, Germany, Spain, France and Argentina in that order. You can easily choose to follow one of these teams, and gather some intel (explained later) on the teams. Find out he current odds here.
o A smart hack: If you do not belong to any of the five countries mentioned above, it is never fashionable to support the favourite. Go for the second or the third favourite… or even an underdog.
o A smart hack: 
However, if there’s a betting pool you are gunning for, keep it to the tried and tested.

-§ The Underdog: What’s a tournament without an underdog? Every year there will be  some team which will muster an upset, meaning one of those favourites is knocked out. This year there has been an overwhelming support for Croatia thanks to the two midfielders Modric (Real Madrid) and Rakitic (Barcelona). The other team making news is Egypt with forward Salah (Liverpool) and Elneny (Arsenal) building up a rather impressive team.
o A smart hack: No matter who you choose to support from the favourites… adding “I expect Croatia to make for an interesting contest…” will not hurt.

-§ The Coaches: Football is quite a bit about its coaches as it is about the players. There are a lot many celebrity coaches who demand a see. Coaches often get a fair share of camera time while sitting in the dugout. For example, this World Cup, Portugal’s Fernando Santos who led the Portuguese side to a Euro 2016 win, has amassed lot of praise and attention for team’s transformation into a solid defensive team. Find out more about coach of the top teams as coaches are often at the centre of all discussions, especially for their controversial substitution strategy or team selection. FIFA website has a page dedicated to the coaches. Find out more here.
o A smart hack: The names of couple Brazilian and German coaches is not as straightforward as they spell. Ensure you get the pronunciations right, or it is a telltale sign that you have not heard of them before on TV commentary.
– Brazilian coach Tite is pronounced as Cheechee…
– German coach Joachim Loew or sometimes written as Joachim Löw is pronounced as Jo Akhim Lo. Try not to call him Joan-chim Lowee.  

-§ The Players: Every fan will have his list of favourites, possibly based on which club football team or country they support. But this is a list of the popular players you cannot go wrong with. Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal and Real Madrid). Lionel Messi (Argentina and Barcelona). Paul Pogba (France and Manchester United). Neymar (Brazil and Paris Saint-Germain F.C). Mario Gotze (Germany and Brorussia Dortmund – pronounced as Gutzz). Harry Kane (England and Tottenham Hotspur). Jordan Lukaku (Belgium and Manchester United). Alex Iwobi (Nigeria and Arsenal). Lionel Messi (Argentina and Barcelona FC). Thomas Mueller (Germany and Bayern Munich). Sergio Ramos (Spain and Real Madrid).
o A smart hack: Pick an upcoming player to watch out for in any of the top teams and discuss. They have shorter history to discuss and it sounds stylish. You can take a pick from the list here. And yes, have a favourite club… it kind of gives authenticity to your football frenzy…
o A smart hack: What holds true for coaches also holds true for players. If you are calling out a difficult to pronounce player, know what he is called. For example, French star N’Golo Kanté is pronounced as Engolo Con-tay. Gotze is – Gutz. Check out the pronunciations of these players names here.
o A smart hack: Do not try to go near Poland. It’s impossible set of names to read, keep aside remember and pronounce! Just to give you a few examples Bartosz Bialkowski, Lukasz Fabianski, Wojciech Szczesny, Jakub Blaszczykowski, Jacek Goralski, Maciej Rybus, Piotr Zielinski… I am NOT making this up. 

Promoted Stories

-§ The positions: A football team is divided into positions they take on the field. For more information click here. The positions include:
Picture1– Goalkeeper: The one who defends ball from going into the goal. He is the only one who can do so with his feet as well as his glove covered hands. No other player is allowed to touch the ball with his hand. It is a serious offense.
– Forwards: These players are closest to the opposition goal and end up scoring most of the goals. They are the attackers.
– Defenders: Also known as Right-Back, Centre-Backs or Left-Back, help keep the ball away from the goal, thus, supporting the goalkeeper.
– Midfielders: As the name suggests these players are situated in between the forwards and the defenders and have distributed tasks of attacking and defending, thus helping players on both ends of the ground.

o A smart hack: Not many teams have a balanced distribution of talent… some are stronger in defending while others have superstar forwards and midfielders but weak defense. Find out what your teams weak spot is and discuss with a wistful chuckle.
o A smart hack: While defenders are very vital for any team, majority of fan following is lapped up by the midfielders and the forwards, possibly because they end up scoring majority of the goals. Pick a few of the players and learn more about them here.

The Terminologies: Like any game, there are certain continuously used terms, without which it is impossible to understand the game. Off-side, foul, booking, linesmen… the list goes on. They may sound like jargons thrown around, but they are quite easy to understand. Wanna learn more? Refer to our post on “Football Jargons Made Easy ” here.

Having said all this, trust me, there’s nothing more exciting than the 90 minutes you watch the action on the field during the games… it has excitement, pace and most importantly loads and loads of skill! If you haven’t taken to football yet, World Cup is the perfect time to start! Join the euphoria for real…

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Cheers! And Happy Watching!

Christmas Buffets and Set-Meals in Singapore – 2017

Westin 1It’s that time of the year! Twinkly lights, Merry Carols, Pies, Christmas Trees, the Fat Old Man and of course delectable gourmet food! So as you plan your Christmas lunches, brunches and dinners… here are a few options for you  to enjoy a scrumptious and decadent Christmas weekend! Wish you all a delicious Christmas!

Stellar @ 1-Altitude

1 Altitude 1

Enjoy a sky-high meal and indulge in a five-course festive dinner as you take in the breath-taking view of dazzling Christmas lights from 282 metres above the bustling streets. The feast includes Poulet De Bresse, Caramalised Fois Gras, Scallop, Gamberi Prawn Veloute and live station which includes Slow roasted Smoked Ribeye, Turkey, Bone-in ham, Grouper, to name a few. For dessert there’s Red Wine Poached Pear, Dark Chocolate Pudding and Pistachios.

Christmas Eve Dinner and Christmas Day Dinner (Time: 6pm-10pm (24 Dec) | 6:30pm- 10pm (25 Dec))
$130++ per person, $150++ per person (window seating)

Reservation: Click here.

For more information, click here.


Hotel Fort Canning

Fort Canning

Hotel Fort Canning has been a popular destination for Christmas meals. If it isn’t for their delicious spread, then it is for the ambiance in the park. This Christmas enjoy a mix of traditional roast turkey, carving station with whole Tom Yum, fresh seafood, sushi, sashimi and tempura bar, crackling pork belly, spiced roast duck, pan-seared snapper and tender beef rump to name a few.

Christmas Eve Dinner
Price: Adult – $98.00++ |Child – $49++ | Children under 4 years old dine free

Christmas Day Lunch
Price: Adult – $118.00++ |Child – $59.00++ | Children under 4 years old dine free

Holiday High Tea Set: $30++
Sparkling High Tea Set: $40++ (includes a glass of Prosecco)
Fabulous High Tea Set: $80++ (includes a bottle of Prosecco)

Reservation: Call +65-6799 8809 or email

For more information, click here.


Carousel @ Royal Plaza on Scotts

Carousel Park Scott 1

Royal Plaza presents the Winter Wonderland inviting patrons for the yearly scrumptious festive feast – Traditional Roasted Turkey and Turkey with a twist. The specials include Japanese Garlic Butter-glazed Turkey – garnished with garlic fried rice, marinated minced chicken stuffing with shredded seaweed, Japanese curry vegetables and drizzled with teriyaki sauce.Indulge in Traditional English Fruit Cake, Homemade German Dresden Stollen, Homemade Italian Panettone and Royal Tarts (set of four tarts – chocolate tarts that come in raspberry, chestnut, passion fruit and apple flavours). Other Buffet specials include Paella, Western Hotpot, Mediterranean Station, and other sweet assortments.

Christmas Eve Dinner
Price: Adult – $90++ | Child – $52++

Christmas Day Lunch
Price: $68++ per adult | Child – $43++

Reservation: Call +65-6589 7788 or

For more information, click here.


Marriott Café @ Marriot, Tang Plaza

Marriott Cafe

The Merry Maker’s Wonderland at Marriot promises festive delights through the year-end festivities. To get you started here are the scrumptious highlights – Roast Turkey; Australian Roast Beef; Pork Saddle with Prunes & Pancetta Stuffing; Bourbon & Honey Glazed Leg Ham; Braised Pork Cheeks with Peppered Apple & Cinnamon; Whole Baked Salmon; Cajun Spiced Chicken, and more.

Christmas Eve Dinner
Time: 6:30pm-10pm
Price:  Adult – $148++ (free flow of sparkling wine, red and white wine, beer & juices) |  Child – $60++ (5 to 12 years old)

Christmas Day Lunch
Time: 12pm-2:30pm (First seating) & 3-5:30pm (Second seating)
Price: Adult – $128++ (free flow of sparkling wine, red and white wine, beer & juices) | Child – $58++ (5 to 12 years old)

Reservation: Call +65-6831 4605 Or click here.

For more information, click here.


Basilico @ Regent Hotel

This Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, look forward to a wide spread of cheese station with over 50 Italian specialty cheeses; and a live station of homemade Squid Ink Tortelloni with Foie Gras, Langoustine and Bergamot Sauce, among others.

Christmas Eve Dinner
Time: 6:30pm-10pm
Price: Adult – $199 (buffet only) | Child – $99.50

Christmas Day Brunch
Time: 6:30pm-10pm
Price: Adult – $199 (buffet only)| Child – $99.50

Reservation: Call +65-6725 3232 | Email:
For more information, click here.


Oasis Restaurant @ Grand Hyatt

Oasis 1

Surrounded by lush greenery and situated by the poolside, Oasis promises merrymakers a distinctive and jolly Christmas Eve barbecue dinner buffet. Savour barbecue favourites such as grilled Charolaise rump cap with barbecue spice rub; salt-crusted whole Norwegian salmon with fennel and lemon; and roasted turkey with chestnut stuffing and gravy. A salad bar and desserts selection also includes scrumptious bites such as mini minced meat pies, banana and mango coupes and plum pudding with brandy sauce.

Christmas Eve Dinner
Time: 7pm-11pm
Price: Adult – $108++ (inclusive of free-flowing red and white wines, prosecco, selected cocktails, beers and soft drinks) | Child – $58++ aged 4 – 12 (inclusive of free-flowing selected soft drinks, juices, tea and coffee)

Reservation: Click here.

For more information click here.


Ritz Carlton

Ritz Carlton 1

Revel in the festive spirit Ritz Carlton’s annual Christmas Day, family buffet brunch extravaganza in their Grand Ballroom! Event highlights include a five-piece band, Christmas carolers, a photo booth, kiddy rides, carnival games, a bouncy castle, face painting, a magic show and even a guest appearance by Santa Claus. Gastronomic highlights include glazed gammon ham with jalapeno spiced corn bread, herb crusted lamb with fresh mint jelly and côte de boeuf with bourguignon sauce.

Christmas Day Brunch
Time: 12pm-3pm
Price: Adult – $228 per adult (Inclusive of Möet & Chandon NV Brut Imperial, draught beer, house red/white wines and soft drinks.) | Child – $114 (6 to 12 years of age) | Child – $57 per child (3 to 5 years of age)

Reservation: Call +65 6434-5288 or email

For more information, click here.


One-Ninety Restaurant @ Four Seasons

Four Seasons 2One of the few semi-buffet-style dine options at One-Ninety Restaurant, features a delightful theatre kitchen, where you can watch the chefs craft their culinary creations. Celebrate the yuletide season in tropical splendor with an array of lavish spreads and delectable culinary dishes like Brown Crab and Mussels, Smoked Short Ribs and Venison Salami, Chef selection of Italian and French Cheeses, Oven Roasted Organic Turkey, Pumpkin and Ricotta Ravioli, Pumpkin Cheesecake, Gingerbread Pear Cake, Egg Nog Creme Brulee etc.

Christmas Eve Dinner
Price: Adult – $128 with free-flowing of Juices and Sodas | $158 with free-flowing of Prosecco and Red/ White Wines | $198 with free-flowing of Taittinger Brut N.V. and Red/ White Wines | Child – $64 (5 to 11 years old)

Reservation: Call +65 6734-1110

For more information, click here.


The Line @ Shangri-La Hotel

The Line

The Line approaches lavish choices of seafood on ice, sashimi, Asian and Western mains, roasts, cheese, festive desserts. Highlights include freshly-shucked oysters, Boston lobster on ice, a Christmas macaron tower, chocolate-coated strawberry tower, profiterole tower and more. Prolong the celebration to New Year’s with more decadent selections across The Line’s 16 live theatre kitchens featuring the best of Asian and Western cuisines including local classics like Singapore chilli crab.

Christmas Eve Dinner
Price: Adult – $168 (*Includes unlimited Champagne, house pour sparkling, red and white wines, draft beer, soft drinks, chilled juices, tea and coffee) | Child – $138 (12 to 17 years of age) | $69 (Six to 11 years of age)

Christmas Day Brunch
First Seating
Time: 10:30am-1:00pm
Price: $188 (with alcoholic drinks) or $138 (with non-alcoholic drings) | $79 (Six to 11 years of age)
Second Seating
Time: 1:30pm-4:00pm
Price: $218 (with alcoholic drinks) or $188 (with non-alcoholic drings) | $99 (Six to 11 years of age)

Reservation: call +65 6213 4138 / 4398 or email

For more information, click here.


Mezze9 @ Grand Hyatt 

Mezze9 1

Gear up for the Christmas with a delectable meals featuring slow-roasted turkey with oranges and spices and sustainable seafood on ice including Tasmanian smoked king salmon with truffle potato salad. Also, do not miss out on liquid nitrogen with strawberry fragola liquor prepared for you a la minute at the live station. If you are looking for seafood there’s Maine lobster with orange, basil and spring onions, bara chirashi don in a rice tub as well as chestnut and winter truffle risotto.

Christmas Eve Dinner
Price: Adult – $188++ (inclusive of free-flowing champagne, red and white wines, selected beers, juices and soft drinks) | Adult – $148++ (inclusive of free-flowing selected soft drinks, juices, tea and coffee) | Child – $98++ aged 4 -12 (inclusive of free-flowing selected soft drinks, juices, tea and coffee)

Christmas Day Brunch
Time: 11:30am-3:00pm
Adult – $248++ (inclusive of free-flowing champagne, red and white wines, selected beers, juices and soft drinks) | $188++ (inclusive of free-flowing selected soft drinks, juices, tea and coffee) | Child – $118++ aged 4 – 12 (inclusive of free-flowing selected soft drinks, juices, tea and coffee)

Reservation: Click here


Four Points Eatery @ Four Points by Sheraton

Four Points 1Have a gourmet Christmas by the enchanting Singapore River with festive delicacies under $100, that include Roasted Whole Turkey with Chestnut Stuffing, Cranberry Sauce and Light Thyme Jus, Traditional Baked Gammon Ham with Pineapple Glaze, Sriracha Grilled Lamb Chop, Baked Salmon with Spinach and Green Herb Provençale; not forgetting Christmas desserts like Gula Melaka Yule Log Cake, Christmas Stollen and many more!

Christmas Eve Dinner
Price: Adult – $75.00++ | $37.00++ per child ( Includes Oyster Bar, Live Station and a glass of Prosecco

Christmas Day Brunch
Price: Adult – $75.00++ | $37.00++ per child (Includes Oyster Bar and free flow of Prosecco and Moscato)

Reservation: Call +65-6349 4872 / email

For more information, click here.


Seasonal Tastes @ Westin

WestinEnjoy the serene view of Marina Bay as you feast on the Asian to international Christmas fare. Savor a lavish selection of fresh seafood, succulent roasts, and delightful desserts to leave you feeling satisfied.

Christmas Eve Dinner 
Price: Adult – $98++ (inclusive of a drink) | Child – 49++

Christmas Day Lunch
Price: Adult – $98++ (inclusive of a drink) | $49++

Reservation: Call +65 69226968 or email

For more information, click here.


The Square @ Novotel, Clarke Quay

NovotelBe spoilt for choice with our irresistible buffet variety of festive delicacies exquisitely prepared by Chef Kishen, featuring traditional festive cuisine including traditional roasts, ocean fresh seafood, hearty appetizers, salads and delicious desserts along with unlimited house wine, beer and soft drinks. Highlights include roasted specialities at the carving station like Roasted Turkey with Giblet Gravy & Cranberry Sauce, Baked Gammon Ham with Clove and Apple Compote, Baked Black Angus Sirloin with Mustard Sauce. Enjoy a variety of seafood on ice including Baby Lobsters, Fresh Oysters and Alaskan King Crabs with an assortment of Terrine Platter including Salmon Terrine with Apricot, Smoked Halibut Rillettes, Parma Ham with Rock Melon and more.

Christmas Eve Dinner
Time: 6pm-10pm
Price: Adult – $85++ | Child – (5-12 years old) $40++ | Senior Citizen (above 55 years old) $70++

Christmas Day Brunch
Time: 11.45am-1.15pm | 1.45pm-3.15pm
Price: Adult $85++ | Child (5-12 years old) $40++ | Senior Citizen (above 55 years old) $70++

Reservation: Call +65-6433 8790 or email

For more information, click here.


The Carvery @ Park Hotel Alexandra

CaveryEnjoy the Spanish-inspired dishes at The Carvery this Christmas. Favourites include Iberico Pork Belly Porchetta stuffed with Chorizo and Apple, Spit-roasted Chicken with Orange and Rosemary, 28-Day Dry Aged US Black Angus Prime Rib (weekends only), Roast Turkey, Catalan Seafood Stew, Buttered Brussel Sprouts, Parsnips and Carrots, Red Mullet Fish with Mojo Verde, Squid and Olive Salad, Sukalki Beef Ragu, and a Turron Trifle. Enjoy the added bonus of feasting on a whole Spanish Suckling Pig!

Christmas Eve Dinner
Time: 6:30pm to 10:30pm
Price: Adult – $98 Inclusive of a glass of Sangria | $138 Inclusive of free flow Sangria, wine and beer | Child – $48 Inclusive of free flow soft drinks and juices

Christmas Day Brunch
Time: 11:30am-2:30pm
Price: Adult – $88 Inclusive of a glass of Sangria | $128 Inclusive of free flow Sangria, wine and beer | Child – $48 inclusive of free flow soft drinks and juices

Reservation: Click here.

For more information, click here.


The Garage @ Botanic Garden

The garage

The Garage offers a medley of celebratory delights, fun activities and attractive promotions at Bee’s Knees and Botanico this Yuletide season. Feast and make merry with a slew of festive delights featuring Salsify Textures from the Tasting Plates, Carabinero with Ibérico Chorizo Risoni and the Butternut Pumpkin Terrine. 7-Course Communal Brunch on Christmas eve and Christmas Day includes smoked Duck Potato Hash; ocean-fresh flavours of Spanish Mackerel with Ibérico chorizo risoni; and more meaty accompaniments like Grilled Pork Belly and Wagyu Petit Tender. Tingle your sweet tooth with a dessert of Xmas Pudding with vanilla sauce—a treat that is impossible to refuse.

Christmas Day Communal Brunch – 24 & 25 December 2017
Time: 11.30pm – 3.00pm
Price: S$68++ (min two to dine)

Reservation: Click here.

For more information, click here.




Thanksgiving Feasts in Singapore – 2016


Thanksgiving – Time to Feast!

One of the things I love about Singapore is that no matter what part of the world you come from, the city gives you options aplenty to ensure you do not miss out on celebrating important festivals and holidays from back home. Such is Singapore’s charm, that Thanksgiving, predominantly an American Holiday, is celebrated with zest across the city.

As we celebrate this American Holiday in a cultural melting pot of Singapore, here’s a quick look at restaurants catering to those who would love to enjoy traditional (and fusion) thanksgiving meals in the next few days. Wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving and a gourmet holiday season from Spicerover.



Mezze9 @ The Grand Hyatt

Mezze9 at Hyatt Singapore

Take a pick from Thanksgiving dinner on Thanksgiving Day, or if you prefer a Thanksgiving-themed Sunday brunch at mezza9. Mezze9 offers a food market-themed dinner buffet and Sunday brunch where you can enjoy delicacies such as slow-roasted organic whole turkey, Muscat pumpkin soup, cumin-roasted organic carrots and sweet potato casserole with granola crumbs; along with sustainable seafood, freshly shucked oysters, artisan cheese, authentic Chinese, Japanese and Thai dishes and more. To tease you sweet tooth, dig into holiday classics like pecan maple pie, pumpkin pies and baked apricot & almond cobbler. Complement your meal with free-flowing premium alcoholic beverages as well as a special Thanksgiving martini. For Thanksgiving Dinner menu, click here. For Thanksgiving Sunday Brunch menu, click here.

Thanksgiving Day Dinner Buffet Thanksgiving Sunday Brunch
Date: 24-Nov-2016 Date: 27-Nov-2016

S$148++ (includes Perrier-Jouet Grand Brut Champagne, Parker Coonawarra estate series cabernet sauvignon, Cloudy Bay sauvignon blanc, tiger beer, mojito, bloody mary & Thanksgiving martini)

S$138++ (includes Parker Coonawarra estate series cabernet sauvignon, Cloudy Bay sauvignon blanc, tiger beer, mojito, bloody mary & Thanksgiving martini)

S$108++ (includes fruit juices and soft drinks only)

S$69++ for children (ages 3 to 12 years)


S$148++ (includes Perrier- Jouet Grand Brut Champagne, Parker Coonawarra estate series cabernet sauvignon, Cloudy Bay sauvignon blanc, tiger beer, mojito, bloody mary & Thanksgiving martini)

S$128++ (includes fruits juices and soft drinks only)

 S$69++ for children (ages 3 to 12 years)

Address: Grand Hyatt,10 Scotts Road, Singapore, 228211
Reservation: Online – Click Here

Spago @ Sands Skypark

SPAGO by Wolfgang Puck: Celebrate Thanksgiving by having dinner with a view! Celebrity Chef Wolfgang Puck’s flagship restaurant, Spago, at Level 57, Sands SkyPark offers Thanksgiving dinner with a set 3-course set menu or you can select from dishes à la carte such as the delicious Maple Leaf Farms Duck Breast and USDA Prime Filet Mignon. For the Set Menu, click here and for à la carte menu click here.

Date: 24-Nov-2016

Time: 6pm onward

Price: S$120++

Address: Sands SkyPark, Tower 2 Level 57, 10 Bayfront Avenue, 018956

Reservation: Email: or Call: +65-66889955


Brasserie Les Saveurs @ St. Regis

Brasserie Les Saveurs, St. Regis: The Braserrie Les Saveurs at St. Regis keeps up its tradition of celebrating Thanksgiving by offering specially crafted delicacies. Here’s your chance to kick back and relax in opulent and luxurious surroundings in indulge in the tempting celebratory spread which is accompanied by fine wines, champagnes, as well as live music. The Thanksgiving spread offers the finest seafood including Court-Bouillon Poached Prawns, Alaskan King Crabs, Poached Boston Lobster, Hokkaido Scallops and Seared Sea Bass with Bacon Spinach and Tomato Relish. What’s more, you can savour distinctive Asian fares such as the all-time favourite Singapore Chilli Crab, and complete the gastronomic affair with an ensemble of delectable desserts including Clementine and Lime Caviar Verrine. For the complete menu, click here.

Date: 24-Nov-2016

Time: 7pm to 10pm

Price: Adult – S$118++ | Kids (4 to 12 years) – S$54++

Address: The St. Regis Singapore, 29 Tanglin Road, The St. Regis Singapore, 247911

Reservation: Online – Click Here.


Marriott Cafe @ Singapore Marriott

Marriott Cafe: Marriott Cafe has been keeping up with the tradition of being one of the go to places to celebrate Thanksgiving dinner. This Thanksgiving, Marriott Cafe promises to transform into a “gourmet paradise brimming with your holiday favourites”. Be prepared for a sumptuous dinner comprising of with gourmet succulent roasts, like Maple Glazed Roast Turkey with Chestnut Stuffing; Bourbon & Honey Glazed Leg Ham, Jack Daniels’ BBQ Pork Ribs; Roast Prime Rib of Beef with Bone Marrow. Butternut Pumpkin & Pine Nut Soup, Sweet Potato Casserole with Blue Cheese & Walnuts, to name a few. The buffet includes free flow of sparkling wine, beers and soft drinks for adults and juices and soft drinks for the kids.

Date: 24-Nov-2016 (Dinner)

Price: Adults –S$ 96++ | Kids (ages 6 to 12 years) – S$46.00++

Address: 320 Orchard Road, Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel, Marriott Tang Plaza, 238865

Reservation: Call +65-68314605


Melt Cafe @ Mandarin Oriental

Melt Cafe – Mandarin Oriental: The Melt Cafe rarely disappoints… not only will it be presenting a festive menu for Thanksgiving, the celebration continues for a whole week. What’s more, they have Lunch and Dinner buffets… The buffets will feature a truffle roasted turkey with traditional thanksgiving stuffing that includes Rum-Maple Glazed Semi-Bone Ham, Double Cranberry Sauce and Traditional Giblet Gravy and other classic side dishes. The dessert menu includes English Minced Fruit Pie, Silky Pumpkin Pie, Raspberry Marmalade with Chantilly, Cinnamon Panna Cotta to name a few. Although not excessively traditional, the spread will make you drool for sure. For complete menu, click here.

Date: 21-Nov-2016 to 26-Nov-2016 (Lunch & Dinner)

Price:  Lunch: S$55++| Dinner: S$75 (Monday to Thursday) & S$85 (Friday and Saturday)

Reservation: Call +65 6885 3500 OR Online – Click Here

Address: 5 Raffles Avenue, Mandarin Oriental, Singapore, 039797


Brewerks @ Riverside Point

Brewerkz: Brewerkz is one of my favourite restaurants that serves classic, handmade American-styled food. It;s one of the places where sharing is not a choice, but a necessity, thanks to the generous portions of food it offers. Celebrate Thanksgiving at Brewerkz Riverside Point (only) with a buffet spread that includes mouth watering delights like Sweet Potatoes with Marshmallows and Pecans, Charred Broccoli with Almond, even the traditional Mac & Cheese, Roasted Turkey Breast, Fennel Crusted Pork, Beer Roasted Beef, classic Pumpkin Pie, Chocolate Fondue. To view the spread, click here.

Date: 24-Nov-2016 (5pm to 10pm)

Price: Kids (ages 6 to 12 years) – S$16.50 | Adults – Starts at S$62.75

Reservation: Online – Click Here

Address: Brewerkz Riverside Point (30 Merchant Road #01-05/06 Riverside Point)


Lawry’s The Prime Rib Singapore

Lawry’s The Prime Rib: Lawry’s the Prime Rib, an all-American chain that surpasses your need visual extravaganza… from bold colours to uniquely dressed servers… this is one of the more popular fine-dining options in Singapore. This Thanksgiving, Lawry’s is offering both lunch and dinner options that serve the Thanksgiving traditional dishes such as Classic Cream of Pumpkin Soup, Roasted Beef and Classic Turkey Duo, Herbs & Spices crusted Threadfin amongst other delicacies. For the complete menu, click here.

Thanksgiving Day Lunch Thanksgiving Day Dinner
Date: 24-Nov-2016 Date: 24-Nov-2016
Time: 11:30am to 2:30pm Time: 5pm onwards
Price:  From S$78++ to S$88++ Price: From S$93++ to S$103++
Address: 333A Orchard Road #04-01/31 Mandarin Gallery, Singapore 238897
Reservation: Call6836 3333 | Email –
Kilo Kitchen @ Kallang

Kilo Kitchen: The first thing that intrigues me is the name Kilo and their aspiration to communicate moments defined by  hearty food, soulful music, warm conversations, and unforgettable occasions. Kilo Kitchen’s Cooking Beats celebrates Thanksgiving with a Thanksgiving Feast dinner accompanied by good music and warm conversation, with drinks all the way up to midnight. The set menu offer delicacies like roasted carrot and fennel soup, prawn sesame toast, turkey two ways Pumpkin cheese cake to name a few. Vegetarian options are also available on request. For the complete menu, click here.

Date: 24-Nov-2016

Time: 6pm onwards

Price: $70++ per person

Location: 66 Kampong Bugis, Level M, Singapore 338987

Reservations: Online – Click Here or Call +65-98306252


Meat Smith – The Full Metal Smokehouse: This casual diner offers a full variety of dining options from breakfast to dinner. The has a fully equipped bar with stocks of craft beer, bourbons, picklebacks and a wide mix of cocktails. Meat Smith, this thanksgiving, offers Smoked Turkey, with various stuffing options of Mash & Gravy, Brussels Sprouts & Bacon, Cranberries, Sweet Potato Casserole, Green Bean Casserole, Biscuits, and finished off with Pumpkin Pie and Pecan Pie.

Date: 24-Nov-2016 (Dinner)

Price: S$60.00 per pax


Address: 167/169, Telok Ayer Street, Singapore 068620


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*The blog post is based on author’s own opinions and research. The author has not taken any compensation – financial or otherwise – to publicise the restaurants in the list. Happy Thanksgiving.

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