Uniquely Vegetarian – Pita Pan a Mediterranean Delight

Pita Pan Singapore (20)

Pita Pan Singapore

Being a gourmet chaser… I often find myself impressed when restaurants offer innovation in food! It can also be an after effect of watching too many Masterchef shows! But food innovation is important to me… And one food joint in Singapore that never fails to surprise me in unique offerings criteria is Pita Pan!

Pita Pan Singapore

Pita Pan Singapore

Started out as a fully vegetarian restaurant serving Middle Eastern Cuisine (the restaurant recently added non-veg menu to one of it’s outlets at Marina Square, the Bayfront outlet is still fully vegetarian), the restaurant has given a pleasant rendition to traditional Middle Eastern cuisine. Thanks to menu and recipe designer Reena Pushkarna (calling her a chef somehow doesn’t seem enough) the restaurant offers something to everyone across age groups…

Pita Pan Singapore

Pita Pan Singapore

This Bayfront, Marina-facing restaurant has an indoor and outdoor seating arrangement with colourful and vibrant decor. Adding to that the colourful and open salad / food bar and the place is just purely welcoming, especially for the ravenous ones tired after walking up and down the promenade.

My favourite offerings at Pita Pan include:

Mediterranean Platter - Pita Pan

Mediterranean Platter – Pita Pan

Mediterranean Platter: The platter is my favourite dish at Pita Pan. It includes most cold mezzes you can think of that Mediterranean cuisine can offer. Humus, Dolma, a rendition of baba ghanoush, fresh salads and to accompany all this are freshly prepared falafels and Pita Bread. This a perfect dish for sharing. There’s a choice of Pita Bread too. Regular and whole wheat, with za’atar or sumac seasoning. Take your pick.

Falafel - Pita Pan

Falafel – Pita Pan

Falafels: The falafels by themselves deserve a separate mention. I have had falafels at a lot of places, including middle east itself. However, the fresh falafels at Pita Pan are something else. What’s more you get Falafels in three different varieties. Classic, Basil and Sundried Tomato. These falafels are available individually, or you can mix it with pockets (pita bread) wherein you can add garnishing, salads and condiments with it. However, if you want to taste the falafels, I would highly recommend trying them individually first rather than mixing it with pockets.

Green Shakshuka - Pita Pan

Green Shakshuka – Pita Pan

Green Shakshuka: Don’t find platters, and starters enough… there’s what you can call main course for you too. The green shakshuka is wholesome dish and what’s more, it is healthy! Traditionally, the green shakshuka is made with a nice mix of greens, garlic and other herbs topped with egg. However, the green shakshuka available at Pita Pan lets go of the egg and replaces it with fried salty Fatayer Cheese. The dish is perfect accompaniment with the freshly made pita bread.

Pita Pizza - Pita Pan

Pita Pizza – Pita Pan

Pita Pizza: This is the most favourite innovation offered at Pita Pan. A pizza made with pita bread! The wheat pita bread base with loads of veggies is a great option not just for you, but especially for your little one! It looks delicious and tastes equally good… and there’s a small surprise when you order it. Pizza comes in a pair! Simple offering, yet quite a hit.

Sweet Potato Fries - Pita Pan

Sweet Potato Fries – Pita Pan

Sweet Potato Fries: I am a huge fan of fries… but lately I like trying non-classic ones. Truffle and sweet potato top the list. The sweet potato fries go quite well with the meal and complement the offerings nicely.

Pita Pan Singapore (39)The condiments: It might sound totally weird, but I visit Pita Pan as often for its food as I do for the fresh condiment choice! These condiments with a middle-eastern twist are a must try! They are offered with every dish you order. And the range of what they include is quite impressive. From tangy mango based chutney, a middle-eastern interpretation of salsa, to humus based sauce, and a herb filled green chutney, this colourful combination of condiments is as tasty as it is attractive! Do not miss out on this one.

The Verdict: Vegetarians, you can go wild here. Having said that I know enough and more hard core non-vegetarians who would agree to go to Pita Pan in a blink. The food quality is great, the location cannot get better and it’s a friendly and welcoming ambience. Probably the only caveat here is the restaurant by no means is inexpensive. That’s not to say it is expensive. It falls in the middle-range and a nice meal for two would cost around S$50 (rough estimate). However, I personally find it totally worth it. There’s a lot of earnest effort put in planning the menu and it shows. Of course due credit needs to be given where due, especially to Reena Pushkarna for offering something quite uniquely vegetarian in a meat-loving Singapore.



Pita Pan (All Vegetarian) L1-87, Bay Level br, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, 2 Bay Avenue, Singapore 018972
Pita Pan (Non-Veg Option) Marina Square, #02-183A, Singapore 039594


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  1. darshnadudhoria4 June 1, 2016 at 1:12 pm Reply

    Could you name all the condiments?

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