Reunion Dinners this Chinese New Year 2015

ConcordeThe first time I celebrated Chinese new year in Singapore… I pretty much missed all the food festivities thanks to laziness in finding information as well as reserving my reunion dinner on time. By the time I woke up to the fact that I may need to book a table, most restaurants were either full or didn’t serve what I thought was my taste. So for those out there wishing to enjoy the food festivities, here are 3 simple rules:

  1. Decide on what you prefer – seafood or meat: It has been my observation that a lot of restaurants provide set meals which are seafood heavy… with little to no options for meat eaters.
  2. Decide on a budget: This is critical. You will be amazed at the breadth of budget which stretches from as small as S$ 70 per person to as much as S$ 250 per person.
  3. Decide on number of people dining out: Most restaurants provide set meals with a minimum persons criteria. For example, minimum 4 pax and this usually goes upto minimum 10 pax in some restaurants.
  4. Decide on a date and time: You would be amazed at how many restaurants would be closed for 1 or 2 days during Chinese new year. Such restaurants usually have only one special reunion dinner split into 2 slots, early dinner starting around 6pm and late dinner starting around 8:30pm.
  5. Book right away: If you have decided on most of the above criteria, book right away…

Here are a few restaurants listed as per (1) Price and (2) Number of people to get you started on your research.

Peach GardenPEACH GARDEN Peach Garden is one of my favourite restaurants when it comes to tradition Cantonese cuisine. With around 8 outlets across Singapore, the restaurant caters to affordable cuisines at some of its outlets while exclusive fine dining at others. Each of their restaurant has a different menu. A few of the specialities include: the traditional Salmon Yu Sheng, Shark fin preparations, Baby Abalone etc.

Price: Set meal at some of its restaurants/ outlets start at S$ 78++ per person.

Menu & Reservation:

Ban Heng

BAN HENG: Ban Heng is another traditional restaurant specializing in Cantonese and Teochew cuisine (Teochew are residents of eastern Guangdong province in China). Ban Heng also has around 6 outlets in Singapore, with their Boon Keng Outlet being the first and the oldest. A few specialities on offer include: Yu Sheng, Shark Fin, Braised Chicken, and a couple of menus also include Goose meat and pork ribs.

Price: Whole host of CNY set meal options for as low as S$ 29++ per pax. They also serve smaller groups of minimum 4 pax to upto 10 pax.

Menu & Reservation:

Restaurant HomeRESTAURANT HOME: This place serves quite unpretentious, yet delectable food. The restaurant is well known around Singapore thanks to celebrity chef Tan Yong Hua (ex-Marina Mandarin and Raffles chef). Some of the traditional dishes offered include chef’s signature Barbecued duck with Lychee Wood, Abalone soup, scallops and lobster.

Price: The reunion dinner options are available for minimum of 4 pax and the set menu starts at around S$ 80 per pax.

Menu & Reservation:

Yunnan GardenYUNNAN GARDEN: Predominantly Cantonese cuisine, the restaurant is quite well-known for delicious mix of meat and seafood offering. They have pretty elaborate set menus this new year, especially catering to a large group. Unfortunately, they don’t cater to smaller groups at this time. Specialities include: Shark fin with crab meat soup, Abalone with spinach, and Fresh Cream of Pumpkin with Glutinous Rice Ball.

Price: Set meal for a minimum 10 pax starts at S$ 568++ for the group with the most expensive meal at S$ 1888++ for 10 pax.

Menu & Reservation:

Hung KangHUNG KANG TEOCHEW RESTAURANT: One of the oldest Teochew restaurant in Singapore, started in 1960’s, it was acclaimed to be the only so called fine-dining Teochew restaurant then. The restaurant has a few elaborate set meals to choose from this new year. Some of the delicacies include teochew duck meat, traditional steamboat and sweet yam paste with mandarin orange.

Price: Their reunion dinner options are available for a minimum of 6 pax and start as low as approximately S$ 60 per pax.

Menu & Reservation:

Apart from the 5 mentioned here, almost all major restaurants across the city offer some or the other form of CNY reunion dinners.


Other option include Reunion Buffets and some more set menus. Some restaurants to consider would include:

Concorde Hotel:

Park Hotel Clarke Quay:,special-offers_viewItem_6222-en.html

Grand Hyatt:,promotions_viewItem_112-en.html

Carlton City Hotel:

Furama Riverfront:

Holiday Inn Singapore:

Regent Singapore:

Fort Canning Hotel:

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR 2015! Hope you have a delicious year ahead. Bon Appetit!

* This is a personal post, and the author’s own opinions. The author has not been compensated in any way by any of the restaurants mentioned above… This is not an exhaustive list, neither is it the best, however, these are definitely some options to consider.

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