Back to Basics – Peperoni Pizzeria… For some fresh, crunchy pizzas!

Pepperoni (5)


One of my most favourite comfort foods is Pizza. Bread, meat, ketchup and cheese… it cannot get any better. I still remember the days when mom used to make pizza out of Roti, add loads of meat/veggies pour ketchup and grate cheese and then roast it on a pan (these were the oven-less days). The crunchy crust was my favourite. Of course then came the era of thick pizza base (the days of Pizza Hut and Dominos). And I lost the pull towards pizza for a while. If I wanted to eat that thick a bread, wouldn’t I just go for a sandwich I thought. This of course was personal preference. But things turned for the better with thin crust pizzas and my love story with pizza was restored.



Recently, I fell in love with Pizza all over again, when I visited “Peperoni” Pizzeria, a relaxed a restaurant chain spread across Singapore. Peperoni currently has five outlets in Singapore, newest one being their establishment at Suntec City.

One of the most endearing things about Peperoni is their casual, vibrant décor that immediately makes you feel welcomed.



The interiors dominated by orange shades and bright lights makes it a homey environment to be in.

Pepperoni (16)The sign on their wall, is what first catches your eye. You just cannot miss it. Overall, it has indeed become one of my favourite restaurants when it comes to ambience.



Moving on to their delectable food offering. Peperoni is most famous for their freshly made thin crust pizzas. Their pizza station is something they love to flaunt. The wood fire oven, the glass partitioned work-top and skilful chef’s at work is a favourite pastime for those waiting in queue to get into the restaurant.

Apart from pizza’s they also serve limited yet decent spread of anti-pasti, salads, pastas and other select dishes. In terms of drinks, beer lovers, okay let me rephrase, adventurous beer lovers may want to try out some of their speciality beers.

Here’s what we tried:

Tripel Karmeliet @ Peperoni

Tripel Karmeliet @ Peperoni

[1] Tripel Karmeliet (speciality beer): The description of the beer goes something like this. Three-grain beer has the lightness & freshness of wheat, the creaminess of oats together with a spicy lemony almost quinine dryness. Despite the fact that we were in no mood to drink, we enjoyed a glass of the beer and we were not disappointed! They also have other beer offerings. Those interested can take a look at their choice at


Caprese @ Peperoni

Caprese @ Peperoni

[2] Caprese: For some reason, I had someone at the table who insisted that this was an extremely healthy dish. Healthy maybe, low-cal, definitely not! Thick slices of mozzarella, sliced tomatoes, basil and olives. It’s a refreshing starter for sure, especially on a hot day! So no complains… The mozzarella serving was generous and the portion was quite large for two.

Arrabiata @ Peperoni

Arrabiata @ Peperoni

[3] Arrabbiata: Red chilli garlic sauce, fresh basil and an actual red chilli mixed with well cooked pasta. I was quite impressed with this simply made pasta… and trust me I have seen this one messed up more times than I can remember. Vegetarians, you will not be disappointed with the pasta!

Hawaiana Pizza @ Peperoni

Hawaiana Pizza @ Peperoni

[4] Hawaiana Pizza: Finally comes the pizza. The classic all-time favourite pizza, pork ham, pineapple, bellpeppers generously laid over a freshly made tomato base sauce. No complains there. Crispy base (its actually crunches) makes my day. While I ordered a 9” pizza, for a family of 4, order their all time hit, XXL 21 inch pizza. Cost S$ 50, but turns out can really feed a family!

How much will it cost me: Pizza’s usually cost S$ 20 for 9 inch pizza, S$ 24 for 12 and S$ 50 for 21 inch pizza. Their basic pasta offerings range from S$ 20 to S$ 30 depending upon what you pick. A lunch / dinner for 2 usually costs S$ 75 including 1 alcoholic drink and dessert.

Special: Suntec City Peperoni offers a great weekday lunch offer. [1] Salad [2] 9 inch pizza OR pasta [3] Drink all for S$ 14.90 NETT.

Verdict: Try it. No doubt about it. Especially if you enjoy freshly kneaded, thin crust pizzas. It’s a great place to take your family for a pizza meal. Also a good place to go for business lunch, their special offer is really impressive. Casual environment, good pizzas yet does not burn that large a hole in the pocket. If I have to, the only negative I can think of… their servers can definitely do better. They all looked irritated and unfriendly, almost banging our drink on the table. I do not know if they were having a bad day, but it was not really called for. But for sheer food offering, definite thumbs up.



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