Cafe Hopping: Reviewed – DOME Cafe @ Singapore Art Museum, Bras Basah

The Singapore Art Museum building at Bras Basah (right next to the MRT) is a beautiful piece of Art by itself. The Museum  building sprawling across your eyes, standing elegantly wearing a pure white cloak, still emits a colonial heritage. The cornerstone for the current SAM building was laid down way back in 1855… by Father Jean-Marie Beurel, founder of St. Joseph’s Institution, a Catholic Boys school. SJI was relocated and Singapore Arts Museum was established in 1995.

Dome @ Singapore Art Museum 1

Dome @ Singapore Art Museum

Staying just a stones throw away, I often wander the grounds of SAM, the place just holds me in so much awe… delightful and refined. There are a number of eateries in the entire Waterloo Street art belt… and one of my favourites is the DOME Café. The DOME café chain is present is 10+ locations across Singapore and it is a part of the Suntec F&B holdings that also runs the Olio Café chain.

Singapore Art Museum

Singapore Art Museum

I usually take the side entrance to the museum, and pass through these amazing corridors of the SAM to reach DOME… the ambiance for me begins here.

The Ambiance @ DOME – Singapore Art Museum:

DOME @ Singapore Art Museum

DOME @ Singapore Art Museum

Located inside the Singapore Arts Museum, the place is nicely designed. I am a sucker for wooden furniture, artifacts and the overall wooden look… and DOME balances it quite well. The brown wooden chairs… look great with the marble table tops.

Dome @ Singapore Art Museum

Dome @ Singapore Art Museum

Then there are the smaller touches like the wooden menu holder place on the table… that draws attention.

DOME Cafe @ Singapore Art Museum

DOME Cafe @ Singapore Art Museum

They have a small but beautiful ceiling mural that endows the café and gives the ambiance a strong colonial character…

Dome @ Singapore Art Museum 1

Dome @ Singapore Art Museum

The exterior alfresco seating in the background of the beautiful SAM building makes it a perfect place to sit and relax on a great weather day.

Dome @ Singapore Art Museum

Dome @ Singapore Art Museum

The simple old style doors, keeping in line with the overall architecture make the overall ambiance extremely tasteful, yet surprisingly really simple.

The Coffee & Drinks:

Cafe Vienna @ DOME Cafe

Cafe Vienna @ DOME Cafe

[1] Café Vienna (S$ 5.80): The Café Vienna was tasteful and strong, yet not all that acidic. Loads of whipped cream to accompany the black coffee. Balanced coffee for those who enjoy their coffee without milk or foam… but prefer whipped cream instead.

Short Macchiato @ DOME

Short Macchiato @ DOME Cafe

[2] Short Macchiato (S$ 4.00): So as far as I like my macchiato, it is usually black coffee with just a hint milk added… however, I somehow felt the quantity of milk was a little more than I would have liked… diluting the expresso a bit… having said that, the flavour of the overall Arabica coffee beans was good… They serve their coffees with a 1 biscotti… nice and crunchy… good to go with coffee.

The Food:

Spinach & Riccota Ravioli @ DOME

Spinach & Riccota Ravioli @ DOME Cafe

[1] Spinach & Ricotta Ravioli (S$ 14.80): The bright orange colour of the pasta sauce threw us off… My husband’s initial excitement at finding the veggie ravioli was doused a little by the colour… “I hope this is not all colour!” he cribbed… but before long, the plate was all clean… having wiped off the last of the orange sauce with the last piece of ravioli… “Well… what do you know… it was quite good.” He mused. The ravioli was actually well made and mixed with roasted aubergine or eggplant, fresh asparagus and pine nuts in cream tomato sauce was actually a good dish.

Hawaiian Ham Pizza @ DOME

Hawaiian Ham Pizza @ DOME Cafe

[2] Hawaiian Ham Pizza (S$ 12.00): This pizza was really, really good. So many times I have complained of how I can rarely see the meat on the Hawaiian pizza, which is so often covered with really sweet pineapple…  Not this one. To my utter surprise, there was a huge chunck of Ham, let me rephrase that… there was a huge circle of honey baked Ham covering the entire pizza… with pineapple, roasted onions and mushrooms sprinkled generously… I loved the pizza here… and I am going back for more of this one for sure.

Chocholate lava Cake @ DOME

Chocholate lava Cake @ DOME Cafe

[3] Chocolate Lava with Gelato (S$ 6.00): The photograph in the menu looked so tempting, and the real deal was even better if possible. Beautifully moist and glazed looking choco lava cake was accompanied by not too sweet gelato… the cake itself wasn’t too sweet either, in fact it had the right hint of bitterness that went really well with the molten chocolate inside and the gelato. For those who enjoy a good chocolate lava cake… it’s a must visit… for its so easy to mess up a chocolate lava cake.


Ambiance: Simple and tasteful… the café has a comfort feel to it. And they have wifi…  so perfect place to sit around and read…

Location: It is on the Art Street of Singapore… perfect location for tourists too. And while the alfresco setting might be little too noisy for week days, it is quite relaxing a setting for the weekend.

Coffee & Food: Their coffee nothing exceptional, if you ask me, but it is not bad. It is a good choice for those who prefer mellow coffees… as their coffees are not strongly acidic. Again, this is based on the two we tried. As for food, despite the orange looking Ravioli, the food was good… loved the pizza, the ravioli was nicely made and the dessert of chocolate lava was to die for. Thumbs up on the food we tried.

History: The coffee house itself may not have an exciting history, but it is located amidst history… Situated in Singapore Art Museum, a stones throw away is Singapore National Museum, and the Singapore Art Street… It’s a beautiful location for photography!

Rating:  ***1/2
Address: Singapore Art Museum, 71 Bras Basah Rd, Singapore



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3 thoughts on “Cafe Hopping: Reviewed – DOME Cafe @ Singapore Art Museum, Bras Basah

  1. escapehunter July 22, 2014 at 7:03 pm Reply

    It seems like an exciting place… Singapore was also a great place for eating around.
    This area – Bras Basah has amazed me a lot when I traveled to Singapore:

  2. dishakapadia88 October 6, 2013 at 12:31 pm Reply

    The chocolate lava cake looks like a dream come true! *wipes drrol off face*

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