Singapore Ice-Cream Escapades – Part 1: MERELY ICE CREAM

Last month or so, we have been going on an ice-cream frenzy. When we first came to Singapore… Haagen-Dazs and Ben & Jerry’s ranked high on our ice-cream hunts list. The only reason being, we did not have these ice-cream parlours back home then. (Last year I saw the first HD parlour opening up in Mumbai). Last few months, after having tried pretty much all the combinations and flavours in these places we finally turned to some others…

Merely Ice Cream

Merely Ice Cream

Over the next few wills, I will intermittently share few of my favourite ice-cream picks, that I feel are the best ice creams I have tasted in Singapore. Ranging from interesting choice of flavours to interesting ways of making the ice-cream, the choices will have it all. First in the series:


Merely Ice Cream

Merely Ice Cream

Located in the Sunshine Plazalav opposite the NAFA campus on Bencoolen Street, there is nothing ‘merely’ about the delicious ice-cream. What attracted us to the ice-cream was of-course the interesting flavours we saw on display, and the affordability of the ice cream too! We came across this place during one of our post-dinner walks and what a find it was.

Merely Ice Cream

Merely Ice Cream

The French-style made ice-cream, use egg as an emulsifier. They proudly disclose all the ingredients that actually go in making the ice-cream. “Our customers have the right to know what they put into their mouths and more importantly, we are proud of the fact that our products are crafted using natural ingredients and free from artificial flavouring.” Their website claims. What’s interesting about their ice-creams is the fact that you can actually taste the natural flavours and the freshness of the ice-cream. The consistency of the ice-cream too is quite thick, and not really ice-flaky, if you know what I mean. What’s more, they make the ice-creams right there in the shop… you can hear the process of blending at times behind those “not-so-closed” doors.

Some off-beat Flavours that intrigued me:

Zesty Lemon

Zesty Lemon

Zesty Lemon: A ice-cream that tastes quite sour… reminded me of the ice cones back home!

Gula Pandan

Gula Pandan

Gula Pandan: Coconut milk, palm sugar and pandan cake pieces… delectable



Coconut: Tender coconut, coconut milk and coconut juice… need I say more?

Salted Butter Scotch

Salted Butter Scotch

Salted Butterscotch: Ice-cream with sea salt, balsamic vinegar and beurre noisette (or brown butter) hmmm….

Green Tea: For those obsessed with green tea, this ice-cream is a yummy replica of the green tea!

Pineapple tart: Pineapple tart blended beautiful with the ice-cream, makes for a refreshing taste!

Oreo Milk

Oreo Milk

Oreo Milk: Oreo milk, Oreo bits and Cheesecake bits too… this is a heavy ice-cream to pick!

Rum & Raisin

Rum & Raisin

Rum and Raisins: Jamaican rum-soaked raisin are blended into a paste and added to the ice-cream. A few full rum-soaked raisins are then thrown in to give the ice-cream a chunky taste!

20130813_224332Art work

Ambiance: They have a chilled out ambiance with a very arty influence. My hunch is that is thanks to the NAFA campus located just opposite. Their walls have some amazing cartoons, the tables are scattered with cartoons drawn on tissue papers… it’s a typical campus atmosphere during the day time!

How much does it cost: One scoop of ice-cream costs around S$ 3 and a triple scoop costs around S$ 8.

Verdict: Try it for the freshness and the taste of the flavours. It’s a good deal at an affordable price!

Timings: 12 pm to 11 pm

Address: Sunshine Plaza, Bencoolen Street


P.S: Not all flavours are available everyday, for the latest on the flavours available, and one’s that may run out, visit their facebook page. FYI vegetarians, like most ice-creams, this too contains eggs.

*Some pics courtesy Merely Ice Cream FB Page


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5 thoughts on “Singapore Ice-Cream Escapades – Part 1: MERELY ICE CREAM

  1. Disha Kapadia September 3, 2013 at 12:48 am Reply

    Green tea icecream… hmmmm! Thanks to your great reviews, my list of things to try when I visit Singapore just gets longer and longer! 🙂

  2. andmorefood August 30, 2013 at 9:10 am Reply

    how did you manage to try so many flavours at a time!

    and @glenda – when you mean adding fruit, does that mean you’re adding solid fruit? maybe you could try and make a sort of syrupy puree – which shouldn’t freeze as hard!

    • Sonal Chinchwadkar August 30, 2013 at 9:29 am Reply

      Had a couple of friends with me… and visited the place a couple of times :). The place is right next door…

  3. Glenda August 28, 2013 at 5:12 am Reply

    I initially thought the green ice cream was avocado. My daughter keeps telling me I must try it. We have an ice-cream maker, and I was definitely inspired. My issue is when I put fruit or, basically, anything in the mix, the moisture content freezes them SOLID and it’s not too fun to eat. Any ideas on that?

    • Sonal Chinchwadkar August 28, 2013 at 9:36 am Reply

      I have never used an ice-cream maker to make an ice-cream at home… however, I used to face the same problem, even with hand made ice-creams… couple of things I have realized is, using low fat milk often creates the ice chunks in ice cream, so try using full cream milk instead, as water contents are lower… and ice-cream becomes creamier. I am no expert, but you may consider using fruit compote, rather than fresh fruit to avoid the freezing. Here’s merely’s ice-cream process

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